09 Feb 2017

Relocation of Rio Toll Station

For the construction needs of the new Korinthos - Patra motorway it is required to abolish and demolish the existing Old Rio Toll Station located at kp 205.3 of Korinthos - Patra NNR and relocate it to its new final location at kp 202.4.

At midnight of Thursday 09/02/17 to Friday 10/02/2017 the operation of the Old Frontal Toll Station at kp 205.3 will be interrupted and the New Rio Frontal Toll Station at kp 202.4 will be set in operation.

At the new toll station the toll collection takes place under the exact same conditions, as before, that is:

- toll payment only in the direction to Athens with the same toll rate, as in the Old Toll Station and

- without toll payment in the direction to Patra

For their safety, drivers are kindly requested to be particularly cautious when approaching and passing both through the area of the Old Rio TS and through the New, in operation, Rio TS, observing the road signage and the Traffic Code.