18 Dec 2008

We have handled 6.140 incidents in 100 days

More than 6.000 incidents were handled by the staff of OLYMPIA ODOS OPERATION during the first 100 days since we undertook the operation of the Elefsina-Korinthos-Patra road network on August 6, in ‘express’ times as measurements have shown.

A specially trained team of people intervenes in time to anything that may happen on the road, 24 hours per day 365 days per year. Even during these festive days, you will see them patrolling the network continuously in order to assist drivers.

The patrol and intervention teams continuously move along the road in special vehicles, deal with incidents such as immobilized vehicles, accidents and traffic problems, apply temporary signage to smooth traffic and cooperate with the Traffic Police, the Fire Brigade and ambulances for immediate response when needed.


    370 staff members that continuously monitor more than 200km of road network
    2 modern Traffic Control Centers operate on a daily and 24-hour basis for improved coordination
    4 Operation & Maintenance Centers are established in key parts of the motorway for immediate and effective intervention
    The Customer Care Center operates on a 24-hour basis

The first data:

During the first 100 days of operation, OLYMPIA ODOS OPERATION people have dealt with:

    6.140 incidents
    3.500 of which were dealt in zero time by the patrol units
    2.640 of which were dealt in 12.5 minutes on average
    38 patrol vehicles covered a total distance of 1.110.000 km

Works under way

The first phase of the construction of OLYMPIA ODOS involves interventions that will improve safety standards on existing sections of the road in order to fix major problems on the pavement, substitute destroyed safety barriers and in other problematic areas in many sections, prior to the beginning of construction of new sections in the beginning of 2009.

Trench improvement
Another dangerous situation was the uneven surface between the road surface and the trench alongside certain parts of the road, which often created a step as high as 30 cm. We reconstructed those trenches to create an even road surface in 92 different parts of a total length of 12km of the road and works are still underway.

Improvement of the antiskid qualities of the pavement
Slippery road surface has been one of the main problems of the Korinthos-Patra section. Technical tests helped identify those areas, which were treated using the shot blasting method (Slippery surfaces are bombarded with 3mm diameter metal spheres that help them gain a rough and uneven surface). New tests have shown a significant improvement of the friction factor to 0,7 or 0,8, with 0,6 being the minimum required. We have applied this method to a total of 50 km of existing road infrastructure and have enhanced new surface with improved signage and road lane marks.

Further improvement works
Improvement works take place continuously and, among others, the replacement of safety barriers, road pavement maintenance works, applying antiskid asphalt at dangerous parts of the network, cleaning and maintenance of the trenches, improvement of road signage and gradual road lighting.
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