02 Aug 2018

Cooperation with the Safe Water Sports

Olympia Odos within the framework of the Corporate Social Responsibility supports with a sponsoring Safe Water Sports a non-profit organization to enhance safety in water sports and boating to prevent and reduce drownings and accident that occur in the Greek seas every year and in particular during the summer.

This cooperation aims mainly at supporting the information campaign of Safe Water Sports focusing on the Greek and foreign visitors who travel by car to a Greek summer destination using Olympia Odos that offers access to the beaches of Peloponnese, Western Greece and Epirus.

The cooperation between Olympia Odos and Safe Water Sports non-profit organization includes many actions for the months of July to September 2018, such as:

  1. Promotion in the Olympia Odos Newsletter distributed to the drivers passing the toll stations;
  2. Distribution of information leaflets about the Safe Water Sports app;
  3. Promotion of the του Safe Water Sports app on the Olympia Odos website.

The information is provided to the travelers mainly via the free Safe Water Sports application developed by the said Organization for Android & iOS smartphones, which includes a lot of useful information such as:

  • ALL and ONLY the licensed watersports centers (waterski, scuba diving, tubes, kitesurf, boat renting, etc.) operating in Greece and in Cyprus;
  • More than 3,250 accessible beaches that have been recorded jointly with the Coast Guard in Greece and Cyprus, with panoramic photos and information on their features regarding safe swimming such as lifeguards, deep / shallow water, sand / pebbles / stones, length of the beach, if it is organized with sun beds / umbrellas, exposed to winds, access for disabled people, snack bars/restaurants, parking etc.);
  • Marinas, fishing shelters and mooring locations in general, as well as the services they offer;
  •  Speed crafts renting companies;
  • Safety regulations (legislation) in force for all water sports and activities, as well as many relevant tips;
  • Hospitals and port authorities all over the country;
  • Special information programs for children and youngsters for their safety in the sea and during water sport and activities.

In Greece, with its 13,676 kilometers of coast, 300 fatalities are recorded on average every year in the sea, many of which are due to the lack of knowledge of important swimming and boat traffic rules.

The Safe Water Sports initiative has a strong growth nature in addition to enhancing safety and preventing accidents. It’s the first time that such an organized initiative takes place in Europe, and mainly in Greece pertaining to Tourism, the heavy industry of our country. Moreover, it can significantly contribute to enhance and upgrade the image of Greece abroad and thus attract more tourists and investments. 

Visit www.safewatersports.gr  for more details about the initiatives and future actions of Safe Water Sports

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