08 Dec 2017

Mandra: Support those affected

The tragedy in Mandra left behind pain for the loss of our fellow human beings, but also a ruined city sunk under tons of mud. One of the most immediate needs of the residents - after food and shelter for those whose homes were completely destroyed - is the reestablishment of the city's functionality by removing debris and cleaning houses and roads.

The people of Olympia Odos were among those who rushed from the first moment to help with this need by offering personal labour and machinery and under the coordination of the Municipality of Mandra. For this purpose JCBs and trucks were used, while smaller BobCats were especially useful for cleaning the narrow back roads. At the same time, the company proceeded to provide two cars for the partial coverage of the needs of the Municipality and other specialized materials for the restoration of the city's infrastructure.

What we have seen very quickly in the streets of Mandra is that the moral of people who have suffered such a severe disaster is just as important as the material needs. And we feel that the residents of Mandra are literally our people, since they live and work in an area that is a short distance from the motorway.

We express our sorrow for human losses and wish we never have to live again such an inconceivable tragedy again.