02 Mar 2017

340 children visit Olympia Odos

9 schools - 340 students - 40 teachers - four tunnels in 5 km.  of motorway -1 super-junction for 8 different directions.
The environmental education program launched in April 2016 in Achaia continues for the duration of the construction of Olympia Odos.

The "dialog" of the education community with engineers and workers on construction sites is developing into a high-quality exchange, after students had the opportunity to reach out and get to know the motorway not only with regards to the environment and landscaping, but also the unique nature of its construction.

Tomorrow's motorway users were guided to places that will be out of reach for pedestrians when the project is delivered to traffic and learned to recognize the tunnel systems, and walked on the Rio super-junction, a heartbeat away from the city of Patras.


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