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11 Apr 2017

Olympia Odos: A construction challenge

Korinthos - Patra was delivered to traffic in its entire length of 120km today, completing the 202km motorway of Olympia Odos. 

Korinthos - Patra was the most challenging project in recent years due to the way it was chosen for it to be constructed: most of its alignment is based on the old one. This meant simultaneous building activity in a length of 120km. while under traffic. At the same time, large technical structures were demanded due to the very unstable geological environment along the northern coastline of the Peloponnese, and a number of difficulties had to be overcome, such as the road passing through many cities and the parallel construction of the railway line (ERGOSE).

The Managing Director of Olympia Odos, Panagiotis Papanicolas said:

"Today is a day of joy because we have achieved our goal: Olympia Odos being delivered as an integrated motorway, which will provide above all safety, and convenience by reducing the travel time from Athens to Patras. Olympia Odos is a modern motorway that will help economic and social development for all areas along its route. "

Olympia Odos would like to thank the drivers and local communities for their patience and their acknowledgement of the effort, and confirms once again that the main concern is the safety of the users and is committed to working with local communities and institutions towards the common good.