29 Mar 2017

Large Scale Drill at the Panagopoula Tunnels

March 28th 2017

One step before the delivery of Korinthos-Patra to traffic, Olympia Odos held another large-scale drill, this time in the largest tunnel of the Panagopoula tunnel complex, which has a length of 4.2km

The four tunnels, located between Aigion and Rio will be the delivered over next few days, creating safe and comfortable driving conditions with the southern branch of the three tunnels serving the direction to Athens and the northern 3.2 km long tunnel. the direction to Patras.

The 12 tunnels totaling 16km. built onKorinthos-Patras are some of the most impressive structures of Olympia Odos. These add to the 350 major technical structures -80 bridges, 242 over and under passes- and 400 retaining structures.

The CEO of Olympia Odos, Panagiotis Papanicolas said:

"We are in the final stretch. In a few days we will give users a completed motorway, providing comfortable driving conditions, and making the trip from Athens to Patras shotrer and safer. Olympia Odos is 95% complete, which makes it perfectly operational in its entire length. That is, the main artery will have the level of service and security required in the highways."

These days the "last pieces of the puzzle" are being completed, and connections are made between the newly constructed sections, creating their final position and thus us the final state of the motorway.

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