02 Oct 2017

We celebrate the National Customer Service Week!

All of us at Olympia Odos are participating in the celebration of the National Customer Service Week on October 2-7, 2017, together with the Hellenic Customer Service Institute, dozens of companies in Greece and thousands of companies all over the world.

In the framework of celebrating and always aiming to provide better service to our customers, we have designed actions for our subscribers, workers and drivers.

The first festive contest is addressed to our subscribers who can fill in their details on the form available here  and automatically enter the Samsung Tablet Draw.

With Road Safety being our priority and our "Start Your Journey with Safety" campaign on Thursday 5th and Friday 6th of October, we will distribute, through our toll stations, a special Tire Depth Indicator Control Card and instructions for checking the car and the engine before each trip.

At the same time, we will install portable defibrillators at all Motorway Service Stations and we will distribute First Aid Kits to visitors of the Olympia Odos Customer Service Stations during the week.