Road Safety

Our main concern in Olympia Odos is to improve road safety and to continuously expand services to travelling motorists.

A motorway which is constructed while being used is a daily emergency drill and requires very good coordination of all parties involved: the engineers working with their teams in construction, the traffic engineers of the operation company along with the patrol personnel and those of the Traffic Management Centers, as well as agencies such as the Motorway Traffic Police and the Independent Engineer.

All these have to effectively coexist on a narrow strip of land.

Since the commencement of the Concession in August 2008 to date, the efforts to upgrade road safety have yielded significant results. By comparing accident data in the first year of the Concession (2008) with those of the year 2015, one notes that the total number of fatal accidents and casualties shows an almost 80% decrease on the Elefsina - Korinthos - Patras network.

Particularly in the Korinthos-Patras section, where a major effort is being made in the field of road safety under extremely adverse conditions, the total number of fatal accidents and the number of casualties has decreased by approximately 78%.

Driving along the Korinthos-Patras motorway is strenuous so long as construction works are being carried out, but given the numbers, it is safer than before the traffic arrangements were applied. The principle is simple: speeds are reduced to safe levels, overtaking is prevented and serious accidents and head-on collisions are averted.

A motorway of European standards, like the one we are constructing, is in itself an answer to the key issue of road safety. However, the need to minimize the probability of human error remains a challenge, because the goal we have all set is zero accidents.

For this reason, at Olympia Odos we design and carry out actions for raising awareness and promoting road safety, such as: 

  • Giving schools tours and lectures at the Traffic Management Centers and the facilities of the motorway
  • Publishing leaflets and information material (reflective vests, brochure on Emergency Lane, leaflet on how to drive through tunnels, etc.)
  • Collaborating with various organizations and Institutes on road safety (KOUROS Voluntary Organization of Megara, Road Safety Institute)
  • Participating in conferences on road safety


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