Olympia Odos. One project, many heroes!!

For us, Olympia Odos is more than a motorway.

It is its people, those who work every day there, those who use it, those who live along it.

All these are the leading figures of the Project!

At Olympia Odos, our goal is the continuous collaboration with Local Communities and the strengthening of every development effort for the benefit of these communities.

At the same time, fully aware of our social responsibility, particularly in the continuing financial recession that our country experiences, we support social needs in response to requests from many institutions.

With the protagonists for sports

Our commitment to supporting sporting events involving mainly children and people with disabilities is firm.

Olympia Odos was the Official Supporter of the Greek Paralympic Committee and the Paralympic Team in the 15th Paralympic Games of 2016 held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

We firmly support the principle of equality for all people in sports and the idea of the Paralympic movement.

With the Protagonists for the Environment


With the Protagonists for the Environment

Environmental Education Program: In 2016 the company launched an environmental education program in collaboration with the Environmental Education Departments of the Primary and Secondary Education Board of Achaia. The subject of this educational program was the “Protection of the Environment and Sustainable Development through the construction of Olympia Odos” and included two phases: Information Day for teachers and an educational visit to the worksites of Aigio and Drepano.

Following that, visits were organized for students from secondary and high schools as well as from primary schools of the region.

The program continues throughout the construction period of the motorway and our collaboration with the education community is constant.

Tree Planting Program along the motorway: We initiated a two-year tree planting program in areas along the motorway in collaboration with the forestry department offices and local institutions.

Let's do it Greece: Olympia Odos takes part in the prorammes of Let’s do it Greece as an official supporter.

With the Protagonists for the Environment


Kilometers of Solidarity

In 2016, Olympia Odos, together with the Rion-Antirion Bridge and Nea Odos  set up the social union “KILOMETERS OF SOLIDARITY” in an effort to join forces in the field of social solidarity and to actively contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of society in general. Through the actions of the union “KILOMETERS OF SOLIDARITY”, associations, clubs and organizations in Western Greece are supported.