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31 Mar 2017

Brief Nighttime Traffic Deviation at the section of Korinthos-Patra NNR between Xylokastro I/C and Derveni I/C for Pavement Works

On Friday 03.31.2017 at noon, the tunnel complex of Panagopoula was delivered to traffic in the direction to Athens ( consisting of three tunnels: One of 4.000m length and two smaller one, of approximately 550 meters each), following the completion of the respective connections of the branch with direction to Patras.

It is noted that the temporary ban on vehicles carrying dangerous materials is still in effect, which will exit the moorway from the previous I/C of Rio and through the Old National Road, re-enter through the Selianitika I/C, as shown on the schematic.

For the control, monitoring and management of the tunnels the local (temporary) Operation Control Center (TSB Panagopoula) located before the entrance of the tunnel in the direction to Patras.

Olympia Odos asks drivers to respect speed limits and to comply with the restrictions of road signs and the dynamic marking of tunnels during their passage from this section.