Emergency Number 1025

Project Overview

The construction of the new sections of the Korinthos-Patra and Patra-Pyrgos-Tsakona motorway is expected to greatly upgrade the geometric and operational characteristics of the road network with an obvious impact on road safety.

After the full completion of the project, it will greatly contribute to the development of the region of Western Greece as it will reduce travel time and facilitate the transportation of people and goods.

It is noteworthy that for the construction of the project, more than 2,000 people are employed, not to mention the suppliers and all the other auxiliary services which are required during the construction of such an important infrastructure project.

The end result will inspire users to a new driving style. Fluent operation, appropriate maintenance and new safety standards will reduce car accidents, eliminate major traffic delays and improve life of local citizens and visitors alike.

Construction activities focus on:

a). The construction of new motorway sections of a total length of 284km

  • The 120km of the Korinthos-Patra section, with two traffic lanes and an Emergency lane per direction, and a central reserve.
  • The 164km of the Patra-Pyrgos and Alfeios-Tsakona sections, with two traffic lanes and an Emergency lane per direction and a central reserve for the first section, and two traffic lanes per direction with a central reserve for the second section.

b). The upgrading of the existing motorway sections of a total length of 82km

  • The 63km of the Elefsina-Korinthos section, which is an existing three-lane motorway.
  • The 18km of the Patra Bypass section, which is an existing two-lane motorway.

Getting you there

It will take several years of hard work, during which typical construction effects such as noise, dust, air pollution and potentially heavy traffic at times will have to be dealt with.

Our experience in designing and delivering big and complicated projects such as the Olympia Odos motorway will ensure minimal disturbances, where possible. Still, the majority of the works will be carried out within the existing highway boundaries, thus the project will affect your daily life during the construction phase. But it will definitely change it once it is delivered.

Construction Time Schedule

For the construction of Olympia Odos, various partial deadlines have been set for the completion of sections of it, with a total time, up to Pyrgos Interchange, of 42 months from the concession commencement date (August 4, 2008), and for the entire project, 72 months.

The project's time schedule has been delayed significantly due to the slow progress of expropriations, the archaeological investigations, the relocation of the public utility networks and the recourses from residents lodged before the State Council as far as alignment and environmental issues are concerned (Midilogli-Kato Achaia section, Lake Kaiafas area).

The Concessionaire goes to great lengths, under unfavorable conditions, to accelerate the project by starting works as soon as the various obstacles are overcome.