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The environment is our concern

While designing this major project, we have taken into account all parameters to ensure minimal environmental effects. Once delivered, the new motorway will allow for less environmental damage in terms of noise and air pollution, wildlife protection thanks to the construction of animal crossings, water protection and increased environmental sustainability.

Positive impact on the environment

The majority of construction works are within the existing highway boundaries. Our planning entails minimal environmental effects. As works progress, traffic flow will gradually improve. This will have positive environmental effects in terms of air quality. Improved maintenance of the drainage systems, including settlement ponds and separators, will improve the quality of natural water resources.

Our planning accommodates future sound barriers in town areas, as well as in all areas adjacent to sensitive structures such as schools or hospitals.

We will also improve existing animal crossings in major parts of the motorway, and will build new ones where needed. This will protect wildlife in the area for many years to come.